LEDlife – Danish premium brand

LEDlife was founded in 2010, in the early days of LED.

LEDlife is one of the worlds leading developers of LED products.
We cover three main segments in the market:

Consumer: Special products and retrofit for replacement of almost any conventional light source. We develop special solutions to fill the gaps or make top of the line products.

Marine: We have developed the worlds most compliant and most robust LED tubes and floodlights on the market, in close cooperation with some of the largest suppliers  and ship owners in the world.

Growlights: More that 6 years experience in developing growlights. We have developed the best growlight for cannabis production, to suit both the professional and private market. Our special lights developed in Denmark have been nominated the best in LED by the largest seed suppliers and best growers in Europe.

Danish Brand

We have a strong base in Denmark, and produce all products by Danish quality standards and unique design.

Green Energy

We are always searching the next place to introduce our more enviromentally friendly LEDs to replace conventional lighting. Until now we have the best solutions for growlights, marine and consumers with special needs.

Top Quality

With our Danish base we know the importance of quality. That’s why we ensure testing both during production and locally in Denmark. With the labour cost in Denmark – we know the importance of long lifespan.