The best growlight - Developed in Denmark.

Professional growlights

Our GX8 series growlamps are thoroughly tested by the best in Europa, and receive the highest recommendations.

Green LED lights

We have a complete range of green LED lights for use during the night in the growing rooms.
Bulbs, spotlights, tubes and floodlights.

Measurement tools and accessories

We are reseller of Asensetek measuring tools. According to us, the best measuring tool available with smartphone interface.

LEDlife Grow

LEDlife grow

10 years experience with LED production.

Supplier of growlamps to Greenland and Faroe Islands.

In-house technicians and measuring equipment.

Working with 50% of all licensed Canabis producers in Denmark.

Calculation of projects for optimum yield.

The future of cannabis growlamps

  • Developed in Denmark
  • ISO:9001 production
  • Industrial grade product
  • Integration with Schneider systems
  • IP65 – waterproof
  • Highest quality components
  • THD Tested.

LEDlife GX8 series

Compared to HPS

33% less energy consumption

33% less thermal output

25% higher yield

5 year lifespan

Replacing bulbs every 3 months not required

No contamination if bulb breaks

GX8 versus other LED lamps

Highest yield due to special light spectrum.

Light control interface for Schneider systems

Industrial grade and fanless

Modular design – easy maintenance

Controlled light beam by 120 degree lense

Recommended by Schneider Denmark, Paradise Seeds and leading scientists in Denmark.